Nowe Mysiadło - new services and attractive public facilities in the estate’s closest neighborhood.


Dear Sir/ Madam,
The houses are already having a certificate of occupancy. We would like to invite you to become familiar with the highest quality materials and technology solutions that have been provided in this investment. Telephone number 609 944 209 is being dedicated to this investment. We look forward to your disposition concerning house visiting, disscussion about conditions of the purchase or mortgage’s assistance.
The location of Nowe Mysiadło house estate, is going to be more attractive again! Recently, almost beside the location, at a distance of 800 meters, the new headquarter of Pulawska Medical Center ( CMP) has been accomplished. The Medical Center as a multiprofile clinic offers the superior medical care. CMP provides comprehensive services offering medical subscriptions, prepaid cards, free medical care in the NFZ and packages for companies and institutions. More information about the facility please contact via hotline 801 412 414 or visit the website www.cmp.med.pl
On five acres at Kwiatowa Street in Mysiadło (Just few blocks form Nowe Mysiadło house estate), the Centre for Education and Sport is under creation. All the customers wishing to purchase property in Nowe Mysiadlo or Józefosław (housing estate Kuropatwy IV) due to this new municipal’s investment, will have an opportunity to select another primary and secondary school. The Center has been already hailed as the most modern school in Poland. At the facility of 18 000 sqm there will be a theater stage for 400 seats, a library, conference hall, sports hall with underground bowling alley, gym and fitness club with the 25-m tower climbing. All this, for the use of primary and secondary school students.