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FORT CHRZANÓW II Apartment Mall 
It is fenced and guarded complex of five buildings in low, intimate architecture, surrounded by green development. It is a continuation of a first stage of estate, transferred to usufruct in 2008 enjoying the huge success on sale because of great designed flats, in particular two-roomed which constitute the straight majority. In each of the buildings there are flats from 36 m2. The adopted construction solutions allow to combine apartments in any way- therefore there is no upper limit of their size. Exclusive gardens are assigned to all apartments located on the ground floors.
Inside the estate, surrounded by greenery there is a playground for children combine with the lane for pedestrians. Out of concern for the youngest, vehicular traffic has been eliminated from the area by building garages under the entire complex. Entrances are placed directly on the access streets to settlement. Under buildings, on -1 level are tenants cellars, already mentioned garages and elevators by which you can easily reach yours flat level. Comfortable, internal communication is formed by spacious halls and open staircase, which gives a sense of security and luxury.
Fort Chrzanów is a historic place, part of Warsaw Fortress. To this day, there are some remained fragments of fortifications which withstood the test of time. They will be restored and blended to emphasize the beauty of this place. In the nearest of planned tourist-cultural- recreation-business centre, MAK DOM company builds an estate integrated with the characteristic, for this part of Bemowo, garden-residential architecture. The western position in relation to the city center, proximity of Kampinoski Forest and open spaces of Bemowo provide a flow of clean and healthy air.
Nearness of Polczynska and Lazurowa streets and planed at the distance of 1,5 km bypass will provide a full metropolitan infrastructure. In the residential neighborhood , Chrzanów metro station is planned. Together with the existing public transport links it will provide an alternative to the cars, really fast communication. That will also affect to the future price of housing in this location so you can only benefit by the investing. In the past the price of buildings situated near the metro stations had increased by 100%.
Form of ownership
The ownership with a mortgage in the ground and the common parts gives the full right to dispose of acquired property. In accordance with the legal regulations of "Law on property premises", buyers decide about the property management and matters related to the settlement.
We build out of concern for the interests of future residents and we treat the MAK DOM brand as a commitment to our clients. We use modern technology which was proven in practice in our earlier ventures and choose traditional, proven building materials, good for health. The apartments are warm, low-energic and fully fitted with individual meters, which allows to control all exploitation costs. We use fine, durable finishes materials with high technical, esthetic parameters.




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